Creating a solid stainless steel sculpture requires a labour intensive technique. Like carving a block of marble, fusing strips of stainless steel with a welder till the required shape is achieved is painstaking for each individual sculpture, resulting in an elegant finish and an artwork which will last until the next 5 millennium.


There is of course no comparison with bronze casting, where a model is made of soft clay or plaster, and is used perhaps hundreds of times to cast copies of the same piece.


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L'EPERVIER - A Dream Comes True


"... he escaped to wider horizons by buiding an ocean going yacht in landlocked Switzerland and sailing it solo through the French rivers to the Mediterranean; then the West Indies and the Marquesas, to Australia. But it all started in 1959 when his dad built l'ALBATROS I, a catamaran made using his old, extended motorbike sidecar attached between two floats. The rudder and seats were made from abachi, an African wood and the mast was purchased from a local dinghy sailboat manufacturer. The picture below was taken near Yvonand on Lake Neuch√Ętel. "


Albatros image 1 Epervier image 2 Epervier image 3
L'ALBATROS - 1959 The Plans - 1973 L'EPERVIER


The Swiss Television produced a superb documentary in 1972, retracing Ulric's incredible challenges faced during his boats construction.


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Swiss Television Archives